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NCS Website FAQ

Welcome to our NCS Website FAQ. Hopefully you will find all your answers here. If you are still unsure then please call or email us.

How do we get signed up?

The easiest way is to navigate to the 'sign-up & payment' page of our website. Here you can complete the online sign-up form and make payment directly. This is the easiest way to confirm your place on the programme of your choice.

I have a friend who would also like to sign-up. Can we be in the same group?

We are more than happy to place you in the same group as your friends. Just keep us updated and we will work with you to ensure your sign-up runs smoothly.

Can I do the NCS twice?

Unfortunately you can only do the NCS programme once however we are in the process of developing a ‘Graduate Programme’ that you will be invited to. You could also consider getting involved as an assistant where you could work with us to deliver our successful programmes. Keep an eye on the Job section of this website for more information.

I would love to do the course but can't afford the £35!

As the programme is funded by the government you will pay no more than £50 (£35 for Spring and £50 for Summer). If you are on free school meals then this contribution fee can be discussed. Bursaries are also in place if you require any additional support.

What if I do not know anyone?

Every programme we have individuals who want to do the programme but might not know anyone who wants do to the programme with them. All we can say is that within an hour of being with us you will look back and say to yourself “what was I worried about”? Our leaders are aware of how daunting it can be to take on new challenges by yourself and will support you right from the start to make you feel welcome.

What if I cannot make all the days?

Sometimes it is difficult to make all the days of the programme. We understand that external events may prevent 100% attendance. If there are any reasons why you cannot attend all the days please speak to your leader who will support you with this.

What will happen once I sign-up?

If you are interested complete our online sign-up form and one of our representatives will call you to explain everything there is to know. Remember by completing this form you are not committing to the programme. You do not have to pay straight away. There will be several welcome events taking place where you and your parents/guadians will be invited to receive additional information.

What are the benefits of doing the NCS?

The NCS programme is a great opportunity to meet new people and develop skills essential for future employment. It will look great on your CV and give you the opportunity to give great examples when you attend interviews and write personal statements.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. There is no special equipment required for the programme. All you need to bring is yourself. If there are any concerns about kit then please let us know and we can support you with this.


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